Our Heritage

1851- Hopewell Baptist Church organized at Atkins School House.

1867- Hopewell Baptist Church moved into a new building between old Newbern Academy and Westbrook Home.

            Name was officially changed to First Baptist Church.

1879- Recorded First Minutes of First Baptist Church.

1907- Church voted to purchase property know as the Esson lot for a new sanctuary.

1909- Church Building burned.  The chandelier in the original sanctuary was saved by R.E. Patterson.

            Ground was broken for what is now called the "Old Sanctuary".

1910- Comepleted the Old Sanctuary at 114 West Main Street.

1939- The Basement underneath the Old Sanctuary was completed.

1951- The Church celebrated it's centennial anniversary.

1952- The new Education Building was dedicated at its current location.

1961- The second expansion to the Educational Building was completed.

1969- The Old Sanctuary was remodeled and the parking lot on West Main Street was completed.

1975- Purchased the Huie Property on North Jackson Street (2 Houses/2 Lots).

1986- Purchased the house located on the East side of the church property, behind the Education Building.

1987- Added a parking lot and canopy to the East Side of the Old Sanctuary.

1989- Purchased the Christian Church's property behind the Education Building.

1991- Adopted the Challange to Build campaign for the new Fellowship Hall.

1994- Dedicated the Fellowship Hall building in its current location.

1999- Purchased the Halloway Property on Tyler Street.

2001- Dedicated the Christian Activities Building (CAB) in its current location.

            Purchased the Milligan Property on North Jackson Street.

2004- Completed the Fellowship Hall renovation to create additional Sunday School space.

            Completed the renovation for the Children and Preschool Department in the Education Building.

2007- Adopted the Bridge to Tomorrow campaign for the new Worship Center.

2012- Dedicated the new Worship Center it its current location.

2015- Purchased the Bohannon Property behind the Christian Activities Building.

2016- Retired the note on the Worship Center.

            As of April 3, 2016, Newbern First Baptist Church is debt free.